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You can’t build your business on a house of cards…

Recently, while talking to an old friend, I was reminded of a company I know of (to protect myself from the overly litigious I won’t mention how I know of them, what my relationship was with them, or even where they were located) . This company (which is now out of business but shall remain nameless all the same) sold online traffic to clients in all types of industries. They were a performance-based marketing company, meaning their clients only paid them for the traffic they received (leads, sales, etc).

This company had many problems, from poor management to a flawed business model, and just about everything in between. But the biggest problem was that their entire operation was based on a house of cards. More to the point, what they were doing was fraudulent. Specifically, the traffic they were sending to their clients was garbage, and they knew it. The traffic was called “incentivized” because users were compensated to complete offers (such as surveys, quotes for auto insurance or credit cards, or even purchasing actual products). Once those offers were completed and the users received their rewards, they would promptly opt-out of the surveys or cancel their quotes or purchases, usually leaving the advertisers (their clients) with nothing to show for it. Eventually of course the advertisers would wise-up and cancel, occasionally sending an official cease-and-desist letter in the process. They would then have to find new clients to replace those that had left. It was a shell game. Not surprisingly, and most deservedly, the company eventually went under.

I promised myself that I would never engage in business practices like that, and that I would do everything in my power to make sure that our services were not only legitimate, but also in the best interests of our clients. I’m happy to say that at DanMatt Media both are true.

The traffic we use comes from either the world’s largest search engines (Google, and to a much lesser extent Bing) or from our vetted collection of online and offline pay-per-call publishers. None of these sources reward their users for completing offers or buying products. That vastly improves traffic quality and ROI for our clients. To be fair, not every marketing campaign we run proves successful for our customers. Some do not obtain the ROI they are looking for, and eventually cancel. But that’s not because the traffic is fraudulent. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but if the intent was honorable and the traffic is legitimate, we can always hold our heads high.

One can learn a valuable lesson by studying this unnamed company. You can’t build your business on a house of cards. There is no get-rich-quick scheme in business that works longterm. Offer your clients a valuable service, based on legit traffic, and give them the customer service they deserve, and you’ll be rewarded with a successful career. It won’t work out for everyone, but by and large it will work well for most.

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The value of a face-to-face meeting

We’ve all heard the saying… “Customer service is dead”.  One round trip flight on a US carrier will assuredly confirm that for most of us.  But here at DanMatt Media customer service is alive and well.

We’re fortunate to live at a time when technology makes our lives and businesses easier and more convenient.  Contracts can be negotiated and signed over email.  Meetings can be held on conference calls and web cams.  We can all have longterm, lucrative partnerships with clients and vendors without ever having met them face-to-face.  But is that really the way it should be?

There’s no doubt that most of my client and publisher relationships were born through email, and nurtured over the phone.  We have clients all over the United States, and a few overseas as well (including England, India, Australia, and Romania).  Seeing them in person is a tall order (though I have made it to England and Australia so far).  But whenever possible, I like to meet my clients face-to-face.

I want them to see the passion I have for their marketing efforts.  I want to look them in the eye and promise them that I will do everything I can to help them achieve their goals.  I want to visit their offices so that I can get a personal feel for what they do and how they do it.  You can’t do those things over email or phone calls, so whenever possible I make sure to visit them and meet with them face-to-face.

If you’re not getting that level of customer service from your marketing partners, you should be.  After all, it’s your money, and it’s your campaign.  Modern technology and convenience are great, and we all take advantage of it every single day.  But nothing beats the value of a face-to-face meeting.

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March Madness? You bet…

The calendar says it’s March, and you know what that means.  Everyone will be talking about March Madness.  Typically that refers to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (more on that below), but there are other things around here that contribute to March Madness too.

Work:  I suppose every month has some work madness built into it, and March is no exception.  Why?  Well Q1 is always one of the busiest times of the year for us.  We’re launching new initiatives to make our online and offline services more attractive.  We’re designing and implementing new marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients (especially the ones we picked-up in the beginning of the year).  We’re recruiting new affiliate marketing sources to run our performance-based offers in 2015.  It’s a busy time of year, but we’re on top of it.  When it comes to business, a little madness is a good thing.

Kids:  If you have children (particularly young children) then you already know that every month is chock-full of madness, but if not let me explain.  Fighting.  Sickness.  Ear infections.  Tantrums.  Attitude.  It’s not localized just to March, but since the weather is cold and the kids are indoors, you tend to notice it more this time of the year.

Basketball:  OK, here’s the real definition of March Madness.  The conference tournaments are beginning shortly.  After that, the NCAA selection committee will seed the teams and the national tournament will begin.  In our offices we have Duke fans, Maryland fans, and even a single Northwestern fan (yours truly).

Duke enters the month ranked in the top 4 in the nation and looking to punch their ticket to the Final Four.  Maryland enters the month ranked in the top 15 in the nation and looking to make a deep tournament run.  And Northwestern?  They’ll be sitting out the post-season as they do every year, but fear not, they’re getting better.  Another 2 or 3 years and my alma mater will be making their first NCAA Tournament appearance.

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Here’s why performance-based marketing makes sense for your business

There are all kinds of ways to grow your business and attract new customers.  Here at DanMatt Media we specialize in helping our clients to do just that.  We accomplish client growth through many different advertising and marketing channels, including our risk-free, performance-based offerings.

Business owners these days are continually having to do more with less.  As industries get more and more competitive, businesses find that they have to grow while keeping costs down.  Often times that means minimizing risk, and that’s exactly what performance-based marketing does.

DanMatt Media has an online marketing team that specializes in sending high-quality email, banner/display, and social media traffic to our client’s campaigns.  These include our eCommerce clients, where potential customers purchase products with a credit card, as well as our lead generation clients, where users fill out a website form.  It’s risk-free advertising for our customers, because DanMatt Media only gets paid a commission when their product is purchased or their form is filled-out.

The same can be said for market research services.  DanMatt Media works with multiple survey clients to bring them the completed surveys they need.  We send targeted, high-quality sample traffic to our client’s surveys, and we only get paid a commission when those surveys are filled out.  That means risk-free market research campaigns and the highest traffic quality in the industry.

Lastly, our pay-per-call (PPC) print services can drive traffic to your eCommerce or lead generation campaign through our network of national yellow page directories.  As with our online marketing and market research offerings, this is a performance-based model.  Our pay-per-call clients only pay us for the targeted phone calls they receive.  It’s a great way to augment your online performance-based strategy.

So if you’re a business owner or executive looking to grow your revenues and attract new customers, online and offline, give our performance-based marketing solutions a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Take Advantage Of The NHL Playoffs

Finally, the NHL playoffs are here!

There is nothing better than to watch your favorite team chase down the opportunity to raise Lord Stanley’s Cup! Having offices in Colorado and Washington DC, DanMatt Media has an even split amongst Avalanche and Capitals fans. As a avid Washington Capitals fan, I have been to my share of home games at the Verizon Center. There is one difference I have seen between being at the rink and watching them on Comcast Sports Net. It’s those ads you see behind each net on the glass. Those ads are a great way to advertise your business to fan base in your local home town. Historically, TV viewership during the NHL playoffs increase significantly. Majority of those watching these games are home fans who most likely live in the same area, that your business serves. Take advantage of the NHL playoffs by soaking in a great sport and advertising to thousands of potential new clients who live in your home market.

DanMatt Media can help you get your business ads shown behind the net of every home NHL playoff game! We have worked with local television stations in the area and we handle all the heavy lifting! So, just sit back and cheer for your favorite team in the NHL playoffs, take advantage of the increased TV viewership and get your ads up on the glass behind the net. I might be focusing on whether or not Ovi is scoring or if Erskine is dropping the gloves, but those ads definitely catch my eye and make me think twice on who to call when I need an emergency plumber or electrician.

If you are looking for a new eye-catching way to advertise your business, look no further than DanMatt Media. Give us a call today, we will offer you a comprehensive outline of all the available options and help determine the best form of advertising for you and your business.