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The Value of Happy Employees

Advertising, by its very nature, is a customer service oriented industry.  There are many advertising agencies in the world, and all are engaged in fierce competition for their client’s advertising dollars. Here at DanMatt Media we have made customer service the hallmark of our brand.  But it’s impossible to offer our clients great customer service if our employees are unhappy in their jobs. Happy employees are willing to go the extra mile for their clients.  Happy employees don’t watch the clock all day, eagerly anticipating getting out of the office.  Happy employees buy-into the team environment, and are looking to make contributions to their organization, as well as to their individual careers.

Customer service might be dead in the rest of the world, but it’s alive and well at DanMatt Media. At about this point you might be asking how we foster that attitude.  Well, here’s how we do it…

Our employees are treated like adults.  We don’t micro-manage them, and we don’t look over their shoulders while they work.  If they have a personal matter to attend to, they’re free to do it.  We offer perks that many other agencies do not (such as casual dress, free lunches, and enjoyable team-building activities).  In short, we give our employees the freedom to do their jobs.  We trust them implicitly, and we don’t interfere with their creativity or ideas.  All of this leads to happy employees, and by extension, a tremendous commitment to customer service.

Give us a call or send us a website advertising request to see the difference that happy employees can make for your advertising and marketing campaign.

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Google Sponsored Links and March Madness

Any die-hard sporting fan will tell you the next month and a half is the best time of the year. College basketball conference tournaments will be starting up soon, and then the best sporting event in the world, also known as March Madness, is set to tip off. When you begin to search for those sites who offer free March Madness pools, take some time to consider the sponsored links at the top of the page (also known as Google Sponsored Links or Google PPC). Clinking on these links costs you nothing in the way of money.  These links are actually advertisements directed towards users like you, based on what you searched for. You might find a better March Madness hosting site via the Google sponsored links than visiting the organic section on the Google search results page.

The same can be said for anything you search for on Google, whether it’s March Madness or a master plumber in your town. These businesses who place these advertisement under the sponsored links want to do business with you. It’s the same as if you were searching your Sunday newspaper for new deals on home appliances. You know those advertisements are in the paper are paid for by businesses looking for your patronage. Do you still ignore them just because they are advertisements/solicitations for you? Absolutely not.  In fact you are drawn to them because it’s what you are looking for.

Google sponsored links are no different.  Try them today and see if you find a better results, and possibly a better deal.