Can you afford not to market your business?

I’m asked quite often what my role is here at DanMatt Media.  In truth I wear a lot of hats, but a big part of what I do involves bringing in new clients and managing the accounts of our current clients.  It’s what I enjoy most about my job.

The biggest obstacle I face in bringing in new clients is a perceived lack of budget.  I say perceived because many small business owners feel that they cannot afford to market their business.  Most of the time that strategy is incorrect, as a decision not to get their product or message in front of their potential customers winds up costing them money, rather than saving them money.

We have a great quote from Thomas Jefferson on our website; “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  If you aren’t getting your business in front of potential customers, how are you going to attract new business?  Your competitors are using channels like SEM and SEO to find new customers, so if you’re not doing these things, you’re behind the curve.  You’re losing out to them in the race to find new business.

DanMatt Media has customized advertising and marketing solutions that fit every business, from small operations where the budget is tight, to large, multi-national organizations who are looking to saturate the market with their online and offline presence.  In short, if you have a need to attract new customers, we can help you.

Just remember the sage advice of one of America’s most brilliant minds.  To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, choosing not to market your business is almost never the wisest course of action.