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Maximizing your marketing ROI

Here at DanMatt Media we have many clients.  Some are big, some are small.  Some are located all over the country (and even overseas) and some are in a single state.  Some have big marketing budgets, and some have small ones.  But all of them have one goal, namely to achieve the best ROI possible with whatever marketing investment they are making.

We offer many advertising and marketing services, including SEO (organic search), SEM (paid search), print advertising (including pay per call), and performance-based market research panel and survey recruitment.  There are times when a client can benefit from multiple channels, and times when a single service line is in order.  So how do we go about obtaining the best ROI for our clients?

It starts by listening.  Simply put, we listen to our clients.  We find out their goals, their needs, and their dreams.  What are they really looking for in an advertising agency?  Once we have a good feel for what they need, we find out what they can invest.  We say invest (as opposed to spend) because marketing is really an investment in your company’s future.  Think about it.  The goal of any adverting and marketing campaign, whether online or offline, is to grow brand awareness and bring in new business.  To do that, you have to invest in your organization’s future, and that’s why our clients engage our services.

So now that we know what a client wants, and needs, and what they can reasonably invest in their marketing spend, we go about designing a customized plan to bring them the best ROI possible for their investment.  That may include a combination of multiple advertising channels, and it could be an amalgamation of traditional offline media buying (print, TV, and radio) and online media buying (SEO, SEM, banner, and email marketing).  But the goal is to create a solution that maximizes ROI and exposure, while minimizing risk.

We’re not the only advertising agency in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, but we do like to think of ourselves as one of the best.  We take the time to listen to what our clients need, and we have the expertise to help them achieve the best ROI possible for their hard-earned dollars.  And in the end, that’s precisely what our clients are after.