Take Advantage Of The NHL Playoffs

Finally, the NHL playoffs are here!

There is nothing better than to watch your favorite team chase down the opportunity to raise Lord Stanley’s Cup! Having offices in Colorado and Washington DC, DanMatt Media has an even split amongst Avalanche and Capitals fans. As a avid Washington Capitals fan, I have been to my share of home games at the Verizon Center. There is one difference I have seen between being at the rink and watching them on Comcast Sports Net. It’s those ads you see behind each net on the glass. Those ads are a great way to advertise your business to fan base in your local home town. Historically, TV viewership during the NHL playoffs increase significantly. Majority of those watching these games are home fans who most likely live in the same area, that your business serves. Take advantage of the NHL playoffs by soaking in a great sport and advertising to thousands of potential new clients who live in your home market.

DanMatt Media can help you get your business ads shown behind the net of every home NHL playoff game! We have worked with local television stations in the area and we handle all the heavy lifting! So, just sit back and cheer for your favorite team in the NHL playoffs, take advantage of the increased TV viewership and get your ads up on the glass behind the net. I might be focusing on whether or not Ovi is scoring or if Erskine is dropping the gloves, but those ads definitely catch my eye and make me think twice on who to call when I need an emergency plumber or electrician.

If you are looking for a new eye-catching way to advertise your business, look no further than DanMatt Media. Give us a call today, we will offer you a comprehensive outline of all the available options and help determine the best form of advertising for you and your business.


Calling All Survey Takers

Here at DanMatt Media one of our core competencies is market research panel and survey recruitment.  We partner with the world’s leading research firms to bring them the panelists and survey takers that they need to operate their businesses.  For us, the fastest growing part of this vertical is the area of survey recruitment.

Recruiting survey takers is more complicated than you might imagine.  Research companies rarely allow just anyone to complete their questionnaires.  Often times we are asked to recruit people based on very specific targeting requirements; such as age, gender, household income, and location (where the survey takers live).  Not only do we have to screen-out those who don’t qualify, but we have to find a price point that allows us to recruit the respondents while at the same time providing the ROI that our clients require.  It’s a difficult balancing act, but we enjoy it.

At DanMatt Media we manage these survey recruitment campaigns in-house, which gives our research clients an unparalleled level of transparency.  It also ensures that the survey takers we recruit are of the highest quality possible.  That’s important to our clients, because they depend on us to provide them with the right sample traffic for the job.  We can recruit survey takers in all 50 US states, as well as in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and Australia.

If you’re a market research company (or an agency representing a market research company) and you’ve been looking for the right partner to bring you the survey takers you need, give us a try. You’ll be amazed at what DanMatt Media can do for you.