Beaches & Billboards, Summer Is Here

Beaches & Billboards, two words that every business owner should think of when how to expand their summer time advertising. During the summer, everyone looks forward to one thing: GOING TO THE BEACH! Having an office located outside of Washington D.C. we are lucky enough to be a short 3 hour drive away from several beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. As a kid there were two things synonymous with driving to the beach: 1) Crossing the Bay Bridge & 2) Seeing all those billboards on our way to the beach. If there ever was a time to advertise on a billboard, the summer is it. Ocean City, MD is one of the top beach vacation spots in the Mid-Atlantic region. On an average weekend they can host upwards of 345,000 people. Imagine having a business where all those people have to drive past your advertisement on a billboard. Great way to branch out to thousands of potential new clients as they drive to the beach. Unlike a TV commercial where you can change the channel, you are not going to alter you route just because you see this billboard. Billboards get thousands of views and can leaving a lasting mark on a potential client. Personally, I have seen billboards that I remember and often times end up using/going to that business (ex. Eagles Landing Golf Course).

DanMatt Media is your one stop source for all your advertising needs, including billboards and outdoor advertising. Let us handle the stress and time that goes into placing a billboard ad, your time is precious enough especially during the summer. DanMatt Media has access to billboards across the Mid-Atlantic, including those on the way to Ocean City!

So, the next time you head over the beach and see one of those billboards just think, “hey that could be my ad for my business…”, DanMatt Media can make this and all of your advertising needs a reality.