Traditional Marketing Services

Despite what you may have heard, the “old” ways of advertising your products and services are still alive and well.

Here at DanMatt Media we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of traditional marketing channels, including Yellow Pages marketing, direct mail marketing, print (newspapers and magazines) marketing, and radio and television advertising.

Yellow Pages marketing has the distinct advantage of offering a rare performance-based advertising campaign, whereby our clients only pay for the leads they receive through the phone books. Our creative team will design the ads for you at no charge, and we provide call tracking to ensure that you are only billed for the leads you receive.

Direct Mail marketing is a great way to promote a service-oriented business. Plumbers, roofers, electricians, painters, HVAC companies and more benefit greatly from our targeted direct mail campaigns. If you have a service-based business, we can drive new customers to your phones using this cost-effective and proven channel.

Print marketing, in the largest and most widely circulated newspapers and magazines, is a terrific way to advertise your company’s services. We have relationships with the biggest and most widely-read newspapers and magazines in the Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado areas. Best of all, we typically receive sizable agency discounts and we pass these savings onto our print advertising clients.

Lastly, radio and television advertising are a terrific way to saturate the airwaves with your company’s message and customized promotions. These channels offer outstanding reach and customization for businesses of all sizes and types.

These traditional marketing channels offer an excellent augmentation to our digital marketing solutions. If you would like to learn more, give us a call at 877-924-1543 or send us a website inquiry today!

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Print advertising seemed to be so complicated, especially dealing with local agents from big Phone book companies. Dan/Matt Media simplified this tremendously. They always get us the best deals and the biggest return on our investment. I am very satisfied with the job they have done for us over the last 7 years and will continue to do business with them in the future.

Paul K.

(Print Advertising client)

Our Traditional Marketing Services Methodology




We ask our clients a series of initial questions. What traditional marketing campaigns have you tried in the past? What has worked, and what hasn’t? What is your budget, and what are your goals? These are the questions that help shape any successful traditional marketing campaign.



There are many different types of traditional marketing, but rarely is only one channel a fit. We work with our clients to identify the best channels for their company and their needs.



Once the proper marketing channels have been selected, we get to work designing a great traditional marketing campaign. Ads and graphics are created. Tracking phone numbers and current promotions are inserted into the ads. Targeting is finalized and set. Now we’re ready to go live!



While traditional marketing campaigns do not change as often as their digital counterparts do, they still require frequent monitoring and optimization. How are the ads performing? Has the targeting changed? Whatever transpires, we’re on it!

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