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Here’s why performance-based marketing makes sense for your business

There are all kinds of ways to grow your business and attract new customers.  Here at DanMatt Media we specialize in helping our clients to do just that.  We accomplish client growth through many different advertising and marketing channels, including our risk-free, performance-based offerings.

Business owners these days are continually having to do more with less.  As industries get more and more competitive, businesses find that they have to grow while keeping costs down.  Often times that means minimizing risk, and that’s exactly what performance-based marketing does.

DanMatt Media has an online marketing team that specializes in sending high-quality email, banner/display, and social media traffic to our client’s campaigns.  These include our eCommerce clients, where potential customers purchase products with a credit card, as well as our lead generation clients, where users fill out a website form.  It’s risk-free advertising for our customers, because DanMatt Media only gets paid a commission when their product is purchased or their form is filled-out.

The same can be said for market research services.  DanMatt Media works with multiple survey clients to bring them the completed surveys they need.  We send targeted, high-quality sample traffic to our client’s surveys, and we only get paid a commission when those surveys are filled out.  That means risk-free market research campaigns and the highest traffic quality in the industry.

Lastly, our pay-per-call (PPC) print services can drive traffic to your eCommerce or lead generation campaign through our network of national yellow page directories.  As with our online marketing and market research offerings, this is a performance-based model.  Our pay-per-call clients only pay us for the targeted phone calls they receive.  It’s a great way to augment your online performance-based strategy.

So if you’re a business owner or executive looking to grow your revenues and attract new customers, online and offline, give our performance-based marketing solutions a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.