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You get what you pay for…

How many times have you heard, “You get what you pay for”?  Or, “If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  I’ve heard both of these sayings quite often, and in most cases, both are true.

Real value isn’t about buying the cheapest product or service you can find.  Real value is about getting the most for your dollar.  Case in point: there are a TON of people out there advertising SEM and SEO services for pennies on the dollar.  It’s tempting, but are you really getting your money’s worth?

Our least expensive SEO plan offers 200 keywords and 20 pages of unique SEO content.  They go up from there.  We also provide monthly reporting that gives our clients 100% transparency into how their campaign is being run, which keywords we are using, and where they are ranking.  Nothing is ever withheld or removed.  Compare that with some of the ultra-cheap $100 a month plans out there, which offer perhaps 5 keywords, zero pages of unique content, and no reporting whatsoever.  Sure, it’s less expensive than our offering, but what are you getting in return?

In a similar fashion, we often hear from new clients that their previous SEM provider promised a great Adwords campaign for only a few hundred dollars per month.  The only problem is the client’s ad only ran for a few days per month before it ran out of budget.  Of course with no reporting and no transparency this was never communicated to the client, so they were left in the dark.  In the end the SEM agency took most of the advertiser’s money as profit, the client received almost no traffic, and the campaign failed to perform.  The client got in for very little money, but got nothing out of it.

The next time you see someone promising great SEM and SEO results for pennies on the dollar, ask yourself how this person or agency is able to achieve these great results at such a low cost.  Do you really want to trust your marketing budget to a guy who handles your SEM and SEO in his garage at night, after he comes home from his “real” job?  Do you want to trust your SEM and SEO campaigns to an overseas company, whom you cannot meet with in person, and who offers you no reporting or transparency?

You get what you pay for, and when a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  We might not be the cheapest game in town, but when you partner with DanMatt Media for your marketing campaign, you always get the best ROI for your dollar.

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What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving…

It’s hard to believe we’re into November already. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while I try my best to be thankful for all that I have year-round, it’s at this time of the year that I really think about all the great things in my life.  In this day and age it’s easy to get caught up in what we don’t have, rather than focusing on what we do have.

With that said, here is what I’m thankful for in 2013…

1. My family.  My beautiful wife, my wonderful son, a baby girl on the way, our crazy dog, and a mom and dad who still call me from time to time just to make sure everything is OK.

2. Our clients.  Our clients mean everything to us, and we strive each and every day to give them the commitment to customer service they deserve, with the ROI they need.

3. Our staff.  We have a great staff at DanMatt Media.  Energetic, focused, committed (in a good way), and talented.  They make our company what it is.

4. My job.  Yeah, it pays the bills (occasionally), and yeah, it’s frustrating at times.  But I genuinely enjoy what I do, especially when that involves meeting a new client and helping them to grow their business.

5. An invitation to next year’s big amateur golf tournament at the world-famous Oak Hill Country Club, courtesy of a top 11 finish in this year’s event.  It really is the best golf tournament I play in all year long.

Here’s to hoping you have a lot to be thankful for this year as well!