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So what do I really get if I run an SEO or SEM campaign?

I’m often asked this question by prospective clients.  Specifically, what will they receive if they sign up with us for an SEO (organic search) or SEM (paid search) campaign.  It’s a good question, so here’s the answer…

All of our SEO and SEM campaigns include everything that is required to achieve success.  For SEO, that includes things like a custom website audit; keyword, title tag, and meta data optimization; custom back-linking; social media and syndication campaigns; and many other on-site and off-site offerings.  For SEM, that includes things like detailed traffic analysis, keyword group research and optimization, ad group creation, split ad testing, and call tracking.  And of course all our SEO and SEM campaigns include monthly reporting, so our clients know what results they are achieving and exactly where their budgets are being spent.

But there is a more important answer to this question.  Whenever you engage in an SEO or SEM campaign, you are paying for exposure.  Exposure to targeted, relevant potential customers is the one thing that any quality SEO and SEM agency can offer.  No advertising agency can guarantee you specific results (the oft-used “guaranteed 1st page rankings on Google” scam) or a specific return on investment, no matter how often they tell you otherwise.  It would be wonderful if exposure and top-notch rankings always resulted in huge amounts of new business for SEO and SEM clients, but that isn’t always the case.

The goal of any reputable SEO and SEM agency is to provide maximum exposure for their clients, to the most relevant group of potential customers possible.  Ideally that exposure leads to increased phone calls and customers for the client.  Unfortunately, many business owners who run an SEO or SEM campaign do not understand that their marketing campaigns are not guaranteed to deliver an influx of new clientele, and that’s why we make every effort to educate our prospective clients on what it is that we can actually do for them.  In essence, we tell them which factors are under our control (your rankings and traffic gains), and which are not (we can’t force people to do business with you, even if they see your ad at the top of the search results).

Understanding what a digital marketing agency can and cannot do for you is very important prior to beginning an SEO or SEM campaign.  Here at DanMatt Media we go to great lengths to set realistic expectations with all of our new clients, with the goal of forming a longterm partnership that is beneficial to both organizations.  As a valued client of ours, you deserve no less than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  So help me Google…