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Want more leads? Try pay per call…

One of the things I frequently hear from current and potential clients is, “I need more leads”.  Typically, that means more inbound phone calls and website submissions.  New clients are the life-blood of any small business.

DanMatt Media is an internet advertising agency, and the fastest growing sector in our company is on the digital side (think SEO and SEM, both of which are great options for any organization).  But that doesn’t mean that the print channel is dead, and indeed the performance-based side of that solution (pay per call) is an outstanding choice for service-based businesses.

With a pay per call campaign, you are only paying for the phone calls (leads) that come in from your ads in the yellow page directories.  All pay per call campaigns have a “buffer” of 30-60 seconds, which gives your sales team the ability to qualify a lead before you get charged for it.  That means you can take a little time to find out if the caller is in the areas that you service, and looking for the services that you offer, before you pay for the lead.  If they’re not a fit, then you can get them off the phone before you get charged.  It’s as close to risk-free advertising as you’re likely to get these days.

So what types of businesses benefit from pay per call?  It’s a good fit for most service-based companies (plumbers, electricians, dentists, lawyers, etc) but we also run very successful campaigns with national flower retailers, debt consolidation companies, and other types of businesses that you wouldn’t necessarily assume are a fit for pay per call.

The easiest way to know if this is a good option for your business is to give us a call (877-924-1543) or send us a website submission (  We’ll be happy to take a few minutes to let you know if we can help you to “get more leads”.