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This place is going to the dogs…

Who doesn’t love a great mascot?  All the major professional sports teams have mascots, and businesses should too.  I’m nominating my dog Chloe (pictured above as a puppy) as the official DanMatt Media mascot.

Chloe is a Bichon Frise, and she just celebrated her 10th birthday last month.  Unfortunately she has been handicapped for the last 7 years, the result of major spinal surgery to repair a disc that was impinging on her spinal cord when she was only 3 years old.  Chloe never fully regained the ability to walk, though she does manage to get around.  She is most definitely “front-wheel drive”, and tends to drag her hind legs a bit as she walks.  We have to manually express her bladder three times a day, but she’s a very sweet, very loving part of the family.  We wouldn’t change much about her, save for perhaps her atrocious doggie breath.

But we have other contenders for the title of official DanMatt Media mascot.  We have Bailey and Maggie, two beautiful dogs who were rescued from the pound by my father, the president of DanMatt Media.  Bailey is pretty much the ideal dog.  Smart, loyal, and well behaved.  Maggie is a continual work-in-progress, but she’s very cute and has a wonderful disposition.

Eugene, who runs our SEO and SEM teams, has Shiloh (a Puggle), and Mochi, (a Shepherd mix).  Shiloh is full of energy, and a bit stubborn.  Mochi is your typical puppy.  She loves attention, loves to lick, and loves to antagonize her older doggie sibling.

Justin, who runs our online marketing teams, has Bear, (a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, and Labrador mix), and Lucy, (a Rottweiler and hound mix).  Bear is 90 pounds of love, happiness, and energy.  Lucy is very playful and protective.

Perhaps the saying “this place is going to the dogs” isn’t such a bad thing after all…