Is content still king for SEO?

Over the years there have been many changes to Google’s algorithms, resulting in a shift from one set of SEO best practices to another. But one thing that continues to remain critical to SEO success is to have proper content on your website.

What is proper SEO content?

Simply put, proper SEO content are words that are relevant and unique to that page. It should never be copied and pasted from somewhere else. It should tell website visitors and search engines what that page is all about. It should contain a few important, relevant keywords and should be easy to read and follow.

How much content do you need?

There is no hard and fast requirement for the number of words on a given page of a website. In general, we recommend that you have at least 350 to 500 words of content on each important page of your site, but that is more of a guideline than a rule. There are pages that may require 500 or more words (for example, your homepage), and there are pages that may require significantly less than 350 words (for example, your contact us page). What’s important is that you use enough content to tell visitors what that page is all about, and why it’s relevant to their search query.

Anything else I need to know about content?

Yes, there are plenty of other guidelines and SEO best practices that relate to proper content management on a website. Content is still an extremely important part of SEO success. That’s exactly why you hire a top-notch SEO agency like DanMatt Media. We provide our clients with all of the necessary guidance and expertise about content, and all of the other on-page and off-page SEO services that come into play. If you’re in need of improved SEO, give us a call at 877-924-1543 or send us a website inquiry today.