Danny's Purple Tang

Working with the Fishes

Who doesn’t love a beautiful aquarium?  Having a slice of the tropical ocean in your home or office is an amazing thing.  Until recently, it wasn’t possible to keep many species of fish, corals, and invertebrates in captivity.  But thanks to advances in technology, anyone now can bring the ocean into their office.

DanMatt Media has locations in the Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado areas, and both of our offices have saltwater reef aquariums. These aquariums house a wide variety of animals, including colorful tropical fish, shrimp, clams, crabs, live corals, and even a purple lobster.  Our clients and employees enjoy watching the fish swim through the live rock, while the corals sway gently in the current.  Let’s face it, work is stressful.  There’s no better stress relief than plopping down in a comfortable chair and watching an aquarium for a few minutes.

Creating your own office aquarium needn’t be an expensive endeavor.  A simple 20 gallon freshwater tank, complete with a light, gravel, heater, and filter, can be set-up for less than $100.  Maintenance of a tank like this consists of nothing more than daily feedings and a 10 minute water change once per week.  Of course  saltwater aquariums, and the fish and invertebrates that they contain, are much more expensive and require a greater time commitment of their aquarists.  A good-sized 75 gallon reef tank would cost you in excess of $2,500 to set-up, but in this humble author’s opinion the return on investment is well worth the expense.  In addition to daily feedings, a one hour water change every two weeks would be required to keep this aquarium healthy.

Stop by our Maryland or Colorado offices sometime and have a look at these incredible aquariums.  And while you’re here, let us help you to drive more customers to your business.  You’ll leave feeling a lot more relaxed than you thought possible.