Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

DanMatt Media increased the total number of leads I received through my Search Marketing campaigns. Eugene and his team went above and beyond anyone else to ensure my satisfaction. I will continue to do business only with Dan/Matt Media for years to come.

Diana M (SEM client)

Are you considering a paid search (SEM) campaign to help grow your business and reach more customers?  If so, we can help you.  The DanMatt Media SEM team has one goal; to drive targeted, interested customers to our client’s websites and phone lines using the world’s major search engines. Unlike many agencies that outsource their SEM efforts, DanMatt Media handles all of our SEM campaigns in-house.

This gives our clients an unprecedented level of control and transparency over their advertising campaigns.  Best of all, we offer our clients a month-to-month contract, no set-up costs or hidden fees, and we take lower management fees than those of our competitors.  Our reduced management fees mean you’ll pay less for your SEM spend while achieving a much higher return on investment.

What is included in our paid search campaigns?  In short, everything.  Our SEM team utilizes detailed keyword research, custom traffic analysis, split ad testing, and call tracking to deliver a consistently high ROI for our paid search clients.  Our complimentary monthly reporting shows you exactly how your SEM budget is being spent.  When coupled with the finest customer service in the industry, DanMatt Media is able to provide unsurpassed value for our paid search customers.

Our SEM campaigns generate immediate exposure and traffic for our clients.  They can be run every month or on a seasonal basis, giving you maximum flexibility for your digital marketing.  If you have a business that sells a product or a service, in any state in the US or in many countries overseas, DanMatt Media’s SEM team can help you acquire the customers you need.