What digital marketing success looks like (Part 2): A case study for a longtime local dental practice (client).

Client type: Local dentist (general dentistry services and Invisalign)

Age of partnership: 2.5 years and still going strong

Marketing channels used: Google PPC (Pay Per Click)

Budget: $2,000 per month (up from an initial $1,500 per month)

Traffic received: 90% of this client’s website traffic comes directly from their Google PPC campaign. 

Progress: Since we began running this campaign, this client has received a 10 fold increase in the number of website visits and booked appointments. As a result, they agreed to increase their initial monthly budget by 25%.

The take away: If your business has a need for more local customers, give us a call at 877-924-1543 or reach us at

We can design, create, and implement a cost-effective and highly successful digital marketing strategy just for you!

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