Internet Yellow Pages Advertising (IYP)

I receive 100 solid leads per month from this channel. DanMatt Media’s IYP advertising is instrumental to our growth and prosperity. We receive lead reports, call tracking and call recording at no extra charge. The best part is turning all those leads into new, valuable customers.

David B. (Internet Yellow Pages client)

Print advertising has entered the digital age!  IYP (Internet Yellow Pages) directories provide a comprehensive, online print solution for your business.

These digital yellow page directories form a direct link between your organization and the potential customers you are trying to reach. DanMatt Media’s print team will create your digital IYP ad for no cost, and place it on every Internet Yellow Page directory site in the markets you are trying to reach.

Your ad can be customized for local, regional, or national marketing, and we provide call-tracking numbers so that our clients can listen to every lead that comes through their IYP ad.

Best of all, due to our long-standing relationships with every IYP publisher in the country, DanMatt Media is able to offer our print clients the very lowest rates for their Internet Yellow Pages campaigns.