Banner & Display Advertising

DanMatt Media has been a valuable Internet marketing partner for the last five years. In that time they have brought us tens of thousands of orders that we would not otherwise have received. Their order quality is always high, and their responsiveness and transparency set them apart from the other agencies we have used. Best of all, their pay for performance model eliminates the risk to our organization. I would recommend them to anyone looking to drive eCommerce sales.

George D. (Internet Marketing eCommerce client)

If you’re looking for a cost-effective digital marketing solution, DanMatt Media’s banner/display channel might be the perfect fit.  We place our client’s banner ads in highly visible locations on heavily trafficked sites.  This ensures maximum exposure for our customer’s campaigns.

For maximum effectiveness we offer two separate banner/display solutions.  The first is a stand-alone media buy, where our clients can have their campaign displayed to a highly targeted audience in any part of the country, all for a low fixed rate.

The second solution utilizes our banner and display sources as a part of the client’s overall digital marketing strategy, and offers the advantage of a pay-for-performance business model.  For select campaigns we are able to offer our clients a performance-based banner/display option, where they only pay for the leads or sales we bring them.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective digital marketing solution with great exposure, DanMatt Media’s banner/display channel might be just the ticket.